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ExtraVirgin Food and Travel

Jan 29, 2019

Meet former Australian journalist and photographer, Suzanna Clarke, who turned her life upside down when she decided to buy and renovate a house in Fez, Morocco. Always up for a challenge, the adventurous Suzanna settled on a 400-year-old house in Fez's world-heritage-listed Medina. She and her husband, former...

Jan 19, 2019

Our guest Julie Tjiandra turned her love of food and reading about food into a profession. Her bookshop, Scrumptious Reads, is a paradise for book-loving foodies with everything from cookbooks to culinary history.

Julie says demand really took off with the popularity of cooking shows and the rise of celebrity chefs....

Jan 1, 2019

Pondering your travel options for 2019? In this episode of ExtraVirgin, Sam chats with Natascha who reveals three of her favourite travel destinations - places you might not have considered but she thinks you should put on your adventurer’s bucket list.


So what about you? We’d love to hear more about your future...