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ExtraVirgin Food and Travel

May 12, 2022

Our guest on this episode of ExtraVirgin Postcard lives an enviable life in La Paz on the Bay of California in Mexico.

Travel writer Kristen Gill fell in love with the town on a work trip and made it her mission to move there. Now, as she tells us, she rides her bike along The Malecón, goes down to the seafront of a morning to watch the fishermen return with their catch, hikes in the desert and explores secluded islands with crystal clear water. All in a place where it only rains for 5 days of the year.

And of course, there is the seafood - from fish tacos to local shellfish, marlin and tuna,  washed down with a 'Ballena' - a beer named for the region's most famous visitors - its whales.

If you've visited La Paz, you'll enjoy reminiscing while listening to Kristen. If you haven't been, you'll be packing your bags by the end of the episode.